Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Regular readers will have noticed that NAUTICAL LOG now Posts occasionally on religious subjects in addition to nautical subjects.  These are printed in blue script so that those not in the least interested can ignore them and go on with something more important in their lives.  Of course they may have to answer for their decision later on but that is not our problem NAUTICAL LOG is not in the missionary business just opinion and information.

In view of the importance of the Blog subject matter we have an independent Administrator going through the Blog Posts.  She has decided that all comments that came in headed ANONYMOUS should be deleted even if signed at the end.  As a result the Blog now automatically deletes any comment with ANONYMOUS in the 'subject matter'.  So if you wish your comment to be considered it is necessary to fill in the 'subject matter' otherwise it will vanish into cyberspace and you will have wasted your time and not ours!

Our Administrator is also going through the older Posts for grammatical errors and spelling.  This has revealed that while the religious Posts use English-English spelling the nautical Posts tend to use American-English spelling.  Basically we shall continue this system so do not jump to conclusions saying "What grammar and this guy cannot spell!!"  and yes we have had those comments already.

Unlike most other Blogs NAUTICAL LOG has a clear 'Header' stating our Publishing Rules and those of the publishing industry.  This seems fair to us and you so enjoy the Posts feel free to comment as you are moved to do so, it is by exchanging intelligent viewpoints, even if we completely disagree that we educate ourselves and goodness knows that is needed in the current World which seems largely leaderless.

Good Watch.

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