Monday, June 17, 2013


The revision of Posts published can consist of editing them, or their removal entirely.  In accordance with ones thinking that may be considered censoring or editing as a result of a change of viewpoint.  Regular readers - do we have those? - will notice that two Posts in particular were removed due to the topics they addressed not that any of their content was wrong or improper.

Over this weekend NAUTICAL LOG had the latter - a change of viewpoint as to published work - it seemed that with all the fuss over the behaviour of NSA contract employee Mr. Snowden those Posts could give the impression that one agrees with his viewpoint and subsequent behaviour.  As far as NAUTICAL LOG is concerned nothing could be further from the truth.  Mr. Snowden has violated his employment Oath of Office which includes the keeping of the Official Secrets Act and retaining in house any concerns that he might develop in the course of his work.  He could and should have gone to his NSA superior and expressed those concerns then allowed the internal procedure in such cases to proceed.  He did not!!

Instead he ran away to a foreign country and made a "blowing horn" to a journalist from the British newspaper The Guardian.  In turn they decided to publish his remarks which one understands were backed - from their point of view - by thumb drives of NSA data and such stolen data was covered by his employment Official Secrets Act contract.  This in our opinion therefore makes him a traitor to his country, the United States.  While many will admire his behaviour as an act of freedom it actually places all of us in great jeopardy, plays into the hands of terrorists and is the behaviour of an immature spoilt brat.  It is typical of many persons around the World of his age to only be able to see the short term which satisfies their ego and they seem quite unable to envision the long term effects of their actions.

Whatever happens to Mr. Snowden is as yet unknown but regardless if he just vanishes into the murky world of such persons, as has that nautical pirate Watson, he will always be a traitor the man who betrayed his country a 21st. century Benedict Arnold.

Good Watch.

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