Monday, April 8, 2013


While many parts of the Nation are still under Winter or not too Springlike weather here in Sunny South Florida our boating season is year round.  Unfortunately the local culture is dominated by a machismo attitude that believes they already know everything. Thus they are not open to learning about boating correctly and taking safe boating courses then putting that knowledge into practice. After all the USCG are there too rescue them instantly when they get into trouble and call on their cell phone.  Then there are local Maritime Lawyers all too willing to file suit if the USCG are not fully successful in their efforts.

This weekend we had two boating incidents both of which resulted in deaths.  The Reports of these incidents indicated that the usual suspects were the root causes namely, diving improperly not following the rules of safe diving, not wearing lifejackets, out in poor weather at night without experience or proper equipment in small open boats in the 20 to 25 feet range and strong currents.

As a former Boating Safety Instructor in this area it is not good to see these incidents but one also knows from the attitude of even those who at least took a course that we shall have many more.  Due to the culture of this area with its combination of machismo and "I know-it-already so why bother" will result in more deaths as more locals and their visitors go boating in Sunny South Florida.

Good Watch.

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