Sunday, March 31, 2013


GPO (General Post Office) where that Rising by Irish Forces was centred
Currently there is a Military Parade going on at Dublin, Ireland in Remembrance of the 1916 Easter Rising of the Irish against the British for Irish Freedom.  Today is the 97th. Anniversary of that event and the Irish Defence Forces, the President and Government are commemorating the act that finally lead to Ireland winning its freedom in 1922 after 800 years of British Rule.  During which one might add there was not a single day of peace because in some part of the country there would be an act, big or small, to spoil the Brits day.

Happily today there is a better understanding that Nations like to Rule themselves under their own culture, language and believes.  So it is not surprising that the unwise experiment of the European Union is failing and its financial system falling apart.

Happy Easter to our readers and as always

Good Watch

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