Sunday, March 10, 2013


When we wrote the explanation in parenthesis below it was not quite accurate.  What was meant to be expressed was that those in the Conclave were the ones without the key to get out as indeed was mentioned later - however one was quickly corrected (see Comments).

(In a point of interest the word "Conclave" means "without key" in Latin and indeed Italian). 

It indicates that the Cardinal Electors are actually locked into the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican by the Camerlengo with no key to get out, sleeping, eating and comfort facilities are provided in case it takes time to reach  a decision.  The Conclave will now commence on Tuesday, March 12, 2013 when the final deliberations begin and the Cardinal Electors vote on their individual choices as to whom amongst them or perhaps outside them will be the next Pope.

After each round of voting the ballots are burned with a chemical that causes black smoke if there is a negative result and white smoke if there is a positive result.  Finally the last remaining Cardinals arrived in Rome and now all 145 are assembled of which 115 are the Cardinal Electors. 

There have been some intense discussions on both the problems within the Roman Catholic Church and the type of person needed at this time to be elected as Pope in the hope of solving these problems and rebuilding the Church to move forward.  Of the 145 Cardinals attending the series of Meetings 133 spoke what are termed Interventions.  They addressed all the problems facing the Church and there seem to be some very strong views on just about everything happening within the Church and the views of the Lay Community on how to move forward.

Now with the Meetings completed we the Lay Community shall have to wait and see as the votes are taken, counted, then the ballots burned and whom is selected, indicated by the white smoke, to become Pope.  Hopefully a very strong capable person will achieve the "Throne of Peter" otherwise the Roman Catholic Church may not survive into the future.

Count D. Peter Boucher, Kt. SMOM.

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