Thursday, February 7, 2013


NAUTICAL LOG is sitting here laughing so hard he nearly fell out of his rocking chair. 

With acknowledgement to The Maritime Executive report on the latest nonsense from Sea Shepherd Australia (SSAL).  With the partial demise of "Wats-his-name" we were lamenting that there would be no more laughs at his flamboyant bombastic writings from the MS Steve Irwin but we are saved !  This new guy is perhaps even better or at least as good and then there are those sycophants that "Wats-his-name" has mentored who absolutely adore him and his words.

This is a photo from a previous season of the SSCS pirate vessels surrounding the MT Sun Laurel.  Under the U.S. Ninth District Court Injunction they may not now be closer than 500 metres.  Under maritime safety regulations a tanker should be given a two (2) nautical mile safety zone Clearly these SSCS pirate vessels are not keeping that two (2) nautical miles safety distance.
It appears that the MS Sam Simon the newest pirate ship of the SSAL, has met up with the MT Sun Laurel some 1250 nautical miles from Australia at 55° 41' South latitude and 119° 08' East longitude.  For those of you who do not know this vessel she is a supply fuel tanker for the Japanese Whaling Fleet (JWF) with a Flag State of Panama.

Now this has triggered the most hilarious statement from the Director of SSAL Jeff Hansen which we quote from the ME report:

"A massive blow has been dealt today to these illegal whale poachers from Japan.  To have an Australian registered vessel, the country whose federal laws these poachers are in contempt of, shut down their fuel supply is a crippling result.  What's more, the Sam Simon was once part of Japan's research program, so to have one of their own vessels turned against them must be a psychological blow.  It's time to rein in your fleet Japan and head back to Tokyo."

Well now NAUTICAL LOG agrees that the latter part of this rather sophomoric statement does have a small degree of truth but how on earth can two ships meeting up at sea have any effect whatsoever on refuelling the JWF.  After all the SSCS/SSAL must remain 500 metres away from any JWF vessel so it is relatively easy for the JWF vessels to come alongside the tanker to refuel.  If counter-action does take place then an Australian vessel will have participated in an incident that could cause an environmental event.  This would make the Australian Government directly responsible so one suspects that the SSAL Director has already been given the word from Canberra to watch his step.

Of course sitting in the MS Bob Barker another SSAL pirate ship is that adoring "Wats-his-name" follower Peter Hammarstedt, who it appears is now a captain.  Fully trained by his mentor his flamboyant bombastic statement was according to the ME report:

" The whale butchering ship Nisshin Maru can run, but cannot hide.  With an aerial fleet of drones and a helicopter assisting our fleet, we can continue to track, chase and disrupt these poachers."

Wow! Peter NAUTICAL LOG is impressed have you thought about coming ashore and co-writing with Tom Clancy in his newest exciting novels he uses coauthors to supplement his storyline.

But the classic piece is yet to come - on board the MS Sam Simon SSAL pirate ship is another exciting author in their captain one Luis Manual Pinho who states, again according to the ME report:

" This affair down here is like a giant game of Battleship® over hundreds of thousands of square nautical miles...............there's blocking, intercepting, bluffing, manoeuvring for positions and advantages, cutting and maintaining supply lines, avoidance and precautions.  The objective of the Japanese whalers is to kill the whales and our objective is to make sure they don't."

An excellent summary Mr. Pinho how very true and one wonders how you will feel when one or more of your crew or of the other SSAL pirate ships get killed.  Will you stand in the Court and explain these deaths to yourself, their families and the Maritime Law Authorities.  NAUTICAL LOG sincerely hopes you will not ever have such an experience as it is a most difficult one to go through even as an Investigator.

Stop playing games you silly b-----d and go home. If you want to be a seafarer find and run a proper ship properly.

Good Watch.

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