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September 11, 2012.  In a move which was not exactly unexpected the PRC has dispatched two "Patrol Ships" to the Senkaku Islands as a result of the Japanese Government official announcment of its contract signing to purchase three (3) of the Islands from a private Japanese owner.  The vessels are likely to be China Surveillance Agency vessels however NAUTICAL LOG does not have confirmation on that as yet.  China Surveillance Agency has drawn up a plan to continue its claim to the Senkaku Islands but clearly they are now Japanese owned and any action to enter inside the Territorial Waters or even land on the Islands would be a violation of Sovereign Japanese Territory and thus International Law and International Maritime Law.  At present in the PRC there is a change of leadership underway and as a result there is tension with PRC political people trying to show off how nationalistic they are.

Looking through the NAUTICAL LOG Press Folder this morning there is an interesting article from BBC Asia.  One of the island groups in dispute from the PRC point of view are the Senkaku (Pointed) Islands owned and leased by Japan.  There is in fact no real dispute as it is the creation of the PRC in their Ocean Policy to control everything in the South China Sea and East China Sea.  Once they have done that they will then move out to further expand their nation.  This is the same policy that the National Socialists of Germany executed in the 1930's however their expansion was only by land as their Leader had little interest in ships or an understanding of them and their usage in national politics.  The PRC does have that understanding and is going to make, indeed is already doing so, excellent usage of military vessels to expand its grip on these two Seas.

The Senkaku Island group consists of five (5) islands and three (3) reefs which form part of Okinawa Prefecture. A Japanese businessman Kunioki Kunhara owns three (3) of the islands and the Japanese Government leases them from him.  With the current deal the Japanese Government would buy all the islands and reefs and with that they would become Sovereign Japanese Territory.

With that out of the way the Japanese and Chinese, both PRC and the RC on Taiwan, could negotiate a fisheries agreement and the Japanese Coastguard could enforce that agreement while patrolling the Islands. 

Good Watch.

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