Saturday, September 1, 2012


HMS Duncan D37
This is a photo of the latest, sixth and last, of the British Royal Navy Type 45 Class Destroyer HMS Duncan D37 underway conducting sea trials.

As one can see she is an ultra modern naval vessel which by all reports is extraordinarily capable in warfighting.  No doubt with all the latest modern goodies computer controlled with the minimum of crew to do the job.  But something looks very weird to NAUTICAL LOG eyes and that is the Bridge.

It is an old fashioned design perched low on the forward main superstructure.  One would have thought that a sleek modern design somewhat higher on the house would have been constructed - but no.

While the Royal Navy is very tradition bound, the Type 45 Bridges look like they were left over from another era perhaps lying in the BAE Systems shipyards which someone decided to use up by sticking them on the Type 45 to save some  construction money.

While NAUTICAL LOG is quite sure the Royal Navy Bridge Watch Team will maintain its usual high Watchkeeping standard regardless from this odd looking contraption on the ultra-modern vessel it would have been better not to have "spoiled the ship for a ha'penny worth of tar". 

Good Watch.

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