Sunday, September 2, 2012


Concept Bridge looking Forward
Concept Bridge looking Aft

Another Ulstein Bridge current design

Continuing the Posts about ships Bridges a favourite subject of NAUTICAL LOG both from the Watchkeeping point of view and the design.  We were very pleased when going through our Press Folder to see an article about the new design concept by Ulstein®.  The design incorporates all the current technology and the most up-to-date method of exercising control over that technology.  Using the current methods found when one uses a cellphone, information pad or other electronic wizardry of today's world.  While most comprehensive the Bridge equipment is extremely easy to both understand and operate.  Particularly NAUTICAL LOG likes the ability to individualise controlling the equipment and the heads-up projection on the Bridge windows.  This latter is most necessary and really helpful when maneuvering in close waters.

The concept will appeal to the young officers and crew coming up and also to us older seafarers, 76 years young in the case of NAUTICAL LOG.  Having always dreamed of commanding a Starship on an interstellar voyage as CAPT. Jean-Luc Picard did, one would hope to make at least a visit to a vessel fitted with one of these magnificent Bridges (before it is time to make passage to the next stage). 

Now this is what those Royal Navy Type 45 destroyers needed - sorry chaps maybe next refit!!

Good Watch.

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