Friday, August 3, 2012


UPDATE: An unconfirmed rumour states that the MS Stephan Jantzen is to be renamed MS Sam Simon and will join the SSCS pirate fleet for the coming Japanese Whaling Season. 

 This afternoon some data landed in the NAUTICAL LOG Press Release folder which required some brief research. 

It appears that the German Law Enforcement Authorities are looking for Sea Shepherd Paul Watson.  It is reported that he has jumped bail and left Germany so in addition to Japan, and Costa Rica he now is wanted by the German Authorities for violation of German laws.  Under European Union law enforcement regulations he can be detained by any EU country and handed over to the Germany Authorities.  There is a possibility that as a fugitive Watson has been placed on the US State Departments "no fly list" and may therefore be moving around by privately owned aircraft.

Also there is talk that the SSCS have acquired an addituional vessel named MS Stephan Jantzen which NAUTICAL LOG understands is a Russian built icebreaker operated by Germany.

We await more news and possibly the detention of Paul Watson.

Good Watch.

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