Sunday, August 5, 2012


Flag of French Polynesia

The Chinese have a history of what to the Western World are rather heavy-handed titles and the PRC is no slouch at picking them.  A correspondent to NAUTICAL LOG was a weekend visitor on board the training ship PLAN Zhenghe 81 during her visit to Papeete, French Polynesia.  From his report just the outside decks were open to guests however he did receive a brochure which stated that the aim (socialist aim perhaps?) of their world voyage was "Harmonious World, Harmonious Seas".

With titles like this one has to wonder at the behaviour of the remaining vessels in the PRC PLAN extensive fleet plus all the PRC Coastguard and Chinese Surveillance Agency vessels.  As most seafarers know only too well such vessels are performing aggressively rather than harmoniously in the South China and East China Seas, areas that while named after China are actually International Waters open under the Right of Innocent Passage to all vessels.  In addition most of the area also falls under the Exclusive Economic Zones (EEC) of several surrounding countries something that the PRC has chosen to ignore and override by military actions placing their PLA Forces on several of the regions island groups.

So how does all this equate with the grandiose title on that brochure - "Harmonious World Harmonious Seas".  One therefore must presume that all these titles are for home consumption to show the People how the PRC offers its "open hand" only to be rejected on many occasions by other Nations.

The definition of propaganda is "any concerted action for the spread of ideas, and doctrines" thus these titles are the Chinese version of how to do just that.  In spite of appearing heavy-handed, pompous and somewhat meaningless to readers in Western Nations in most cases they are remembered and thus achieve their purpose as propaganda.

Do not be fooled by these so called "goodwill visits" by vessels of the PLAN, the PRC has but one aim, to dominate followed by command and control - the conquest of nations.

Good Watch.

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