Wednesday, June 27, 2012


As some of our regular readers may have noticed NAUTICAL LOG has discontinued our usual note under each Post about those seafarers held hostage by pirates.  Also we declined to acknowledge the so-called seafarer day recently and the remarks by IMO. 

This is because we do not believe there is a sincere effort to stop piracy and rescue these hostages at any level of Governments, National Maritime Authority's or of course the IMO itself.  The various organisations which are supposedly concerned about the seafarer hostages our research has shown to be ineffective and merely give 'lip service' to the issue but do nothing to plan and put into operation a rescue of these hostages. Since most of them are seafarers who have had to pay a fee to employment agencies for their shipboard position neither those EA's or their national governments have any interest in their return.  There are after all thousands more persons awaiting this financial bondage allowed, encouraged and shared by the home governments.

Our contempt has risen to a level that we no longer wish to continue to remind totally disinterested persons of the issue.  If some amazing action takes place and we are proved incorrect in our estimation of these organisations no one will be more pleased than NAUTICAL LOG.

Our readers may wish to read the remarks made by DP World in todays "Khaleej Times" on the subject of regional piracy.

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