Thursday, June 14, 2012


By tradition on the date of June 14 each year we celebrate Flag Day and encourage the flying of our National Flag on homes and buildings both private and public.

NAUTICAL LOG will be heading out to the front porch at 0800 to proudly display the Flag of his adopted country.   Still remembering the country of his birth which unfortunately has changed so much as to unrecognisable except for its ancient cities and buildings.

The socialist entitlement societies of the European Union have destroyed the motivation, values and enterprise of most of the Irish people.  The country in general is rife with drugs largely unchecked add to this the high level of violence including murders many by stabbings - read 'The Irish Times' online.  For a country proud of its tourist industry this is all hard to understand  looking from the outside.  There is a reluctance to free speech with a common remark when inquiries are made of "ah sure you can't say anything about it just makes trouble for yerself " this from persons of a nation that was formed after 800 years of struggle against a foreign power.

To the apparent shock of the Irish Government the recent national census showed that two thirds of  Central Dublin is lived in by non-Irish many from African and East European nations with a completely different set of values to the NAUTICAL LOG generation of Irish nationals.  Also East Europeans staff the hotels and Egyptians crew the fishing boats while the Irish live off government handouts or try to emigrate - somewhere - with long lines outside the Passport Office and Foreign Embassies in Dublin.

Why anyone would want that system for the United States of America is beyond the understanding. of NAUTICAL LOG.  Now even our U.S. Merchant Marine is on the IMO 'gray list' due to our vessels no longer meeting International standards and being detained as a result. 

Shape up U.S.A. and ship this Administration out!!

Good Watch

Some 600 of our fellow seafarers are still held hostage by pirates off the coast of Puntland, Somalia facing mutilation and death each and every day.

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