Monday, May 14, 2012


UPDATE: Tuesday 5/15/2012.

Surprise, surprise, sometimes it is so nice to be wrong! 

At his German Court appearance the self declared international pirate Paul Watson ("Wats-his-name") was remanded in custody by the Judge and escorted to gaol/jail.  His German lawyer one Oliver Wallasch, said afterwards that "Wats-his-name" was shocked by the Courts ruling and for once it seems he had nothing to say.

Perhaps finally the tide has turned this individual now being regarded and being treated like the nautical criminal that he is.  The Judge of the German Court has so declared what we professional mariners have always known.  Besides the Costa Rica, and Faeroe Islands warrants there is of course Japan which has suffered from the thuggish behaviour of the Sea Shepherds for years.

It is likely that other Sea Shepherd crew may also now be arrested particularly those who have commanded the boats that have violated both the National Laws and International Maritime Laws of countries around the world.

Good Watch


When NAUTICAL LOG opened both e-mail and Press Folders this morning there was news of the arrest of CAPT. Paul Watson ("Wats-his-name") of SSCS at Frankfurt Airport, Germany on Saturday.  While anything that spoils "Wats-his-names" day is fine by NAUTICAL LOG we also are firm supporters of the Rule of Law. 

This arrest is a nonsense stemming from some phony charges from Costa Rica which resulted due to an incident which occurred in 2002, ten years ago.  Goodness knows there are enough recent incidents to charge this international pirate (his own words not mine) with and he should perhaps be handed over to the Japanese first then on to Costa Rica.

By the time this Post is published NAUTICAL LOG expects that "Wats-his-name" will be back free to pound the strasses of Germany begging for money to support his pirate organization once again.  He is being assisted in Germany by two Euro-parliament MEP's which raises the question - is it now the duty of MEP's to assist international pirates when they are arrested?

The charges preferred by Costa Rica are ten years old and since then, if one remembers correctly, there have been both constitutional changes and environmental laws passed in Costa Rica which protect - supposedly - sealife including the sharks.  No doubt if "Wats-his-name" ever did land in the Justice System of Costa Rica the charges would be dismissed.  One therefore presumes he upset someone in Germany and this is an act of harassment in exchange.  Rather pathetic, a waste of Bundespolizei time, free press for Sea Shepherds and lack of respect for the Rule of Law.

Good Watch

Still held in captivity as hostages by pirates off the coast of Puntland, Somalia are some 300 of our fellow seafarers the MEP's would be better employed trying work towards a rescue and set them free.  No doubt the MEP's mentioned above are from the Green Party.

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