Saturday, March 24, 2012


A pirate boats end off Somalia, courtesy Deutsche Marine

The last two weeks have been very busy for NAUTICAL LOG and we have not been on the Internet much so have not been Posting - what do you mean you didn't notice!!  Of course when one is away from the Internet things continue to happen and with the volume of data pouring out continuously it is quite impossible to catch up.  Still during the absence we had our 70,000 visitor which was quite a milestone and frankly one we did not envision when we commenced the voyage in this Blog.

It is remarkable and makes one frustrated, angry and not knowing how to proceed when NAUTICAL LOG looks at all these visitors from all over the world and sees how little public concern there is for the seafarers held captive as hostages by pirates.  We rarely if ever get a comment about the situation and while there are mentions on several Blogs of piracy events only gCaptain® has a regular weekly update of the overall picture - and it is grim.

To date NAUTICAL LOG has placed a paragraph on the piracy situation after each Post. We have contacted the various National Maritime Authorities and the rather useless International Maritime Organization (IMO).  In addition we wrote to the International Court of Justice and received in reply - nothing!

Which tends to reinforce the NAUTICAL LOG viewpoint that the Authorities, Shipowners and Ship Managers could really care less about the 300 of our fellow seafarers held hostage by pirates off the coast of Puntland, Somalia.  These persons face mutilation and or death every day in captivity.  Reading recent comments in the United States by political entities does not encourage one to hope that there is any intention whatsoever to rescue these hostages.  Recently an Owner said that they had a "Right" to pay the "ransom" and forget about the crews!!  So if you or a family member end up in captivity do not expect anything from the Authorities and or Owners.

It is quite impossible for NAUTICAL LOG to understand this viewpoint towards ones crew, so all that we can do is continue to place our comment after each Post and not let things slide into complete oblivion - do not worry we shall not be asking for your help in any way whatsoever from now on - we know you are not interested.  But just perhaps there is someone else reading this out there who is interested , someone in the Legal or Political fields perhaps, who can get the results that so far have eluded NAUTICAL LOG.  It is going to take someone quite exceptional to move the Maritime Authorities to action.

Good Watch.

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