Tuesday, May 17, 2011


SSCS & Republic of Palau March 2011 Agreement
Finally someone has woken up and decided that the alternative to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is the better bargain. 

Back in March 2011 after their disastrous season in Antarctica the Sea Shepherds fearless leader headed off for some R&R in the Republic of Palau.  While there he inveigled the President and Cabinet to sign an Agreement to patrol the waters of Palau  and "safeguard a unique marine protected area designated as the world's first shark sanctuary".  At the time it did seem that President Toribiong was somewhat wary of "Wats-his-name" however the Agreement was signed and the MS Bob Barker was assigned, once she got repaired, to proceed to the Republic of Palau.  NAUTICAL LOG understands that that vessel is a nautical disaster waiting to happen being quite unseaworthy.  Supposedly extensive repairs are needed and partially underway but as usual with SSCS the true is unknown.

Now comes news, that after discussions with the Government of Japan, Republic of Palau President Johnson Toribiong has withdrawn from and cancelled the March 2011 Agreement with the SSCS.  A new arraignment is in place with Japan which has promised to provide Palau with a patrol vessel and financial support as an alternative to the Sea Shepherd Patrol Agreement.  While the concern for sharks may be fairly genuine the Japanese were determined to disrupt the SSCS efforts and they seem to have been successful.   This action may well result in the MS Bob Barker being scrapped due to further repairs being a waste of funds and its further operation unsafe.  Already one other SSCS vessel the MS Gojira has been re-flagged, back to South Africa, and is being renamed.

Good Watch.

Please remember the seafarers held captive by pirates off Somalia - let us work with maritime interests and others to free them.


Paul, Dammit! said...

Watching that Whale Wars tv show allows me to understand why 'Jersey Shore' exists. As a mariner, I watch that show, in mixed fascination and horror, as those poor dirty kids and their leadership bumble their way around in their hooptie boats. Paul Watson should be buying lottery tickets every chance he gets; the fact that no one has been killed YET is an enduring argument for luck or the presence of a higher power, and the old saying about the Lord watching out for fools (SSCS), drunks (the mariners ashore watching the show)and sailors (the poor Japanese deckhands, especially).

MJW said...

Capt. Boucher, your comments regarding the condition of the Bob Barker make me wonder now if the Sea Shepherd offer to help Palau was simply a way to eventually dump the BB on them. Watson has a history of finding creative ways to dispose of his vessels at little cost to himself after he has used them up. The Sirenian was badly in need of repairs when he 'donated' it to Ecuador. WWF picked up the tab for the overhaul needed to put it back in service. Sea Shepherd II was dumped in Ucluelet, BC and eventually found its way to Robbers Passage, where it sat until the Canadian government was forced to pay for its cleanup. Paul says that he was being overcharged for pilotage fees which he refused to pay, prefering instead to simply give up the vessel. He also claims to have "sold it to a guy in a bar" for $5K. Then there is Paul's Br'er Rabbit ploy where he 'tricked' the Canadian government into seizing the Farley Mowat and again forfeiting the vessel rather than pay berthing fees.

President Toribiong is wise to look elsewhere for help in patrolling his waters.