Thursday, February 17, 2011


19th. Century World Whale Chart

It is clear that the last desperate days of the SSCS Pirate Group loom and they are already concerned about what trouble they can continue to make in the nautical world. The latest is that they are offering a 10% discount on their clothing items purchased from the e-shop. What are these people Times Square hustlers or a Conservation Society supposed to be saving whales - something they have not effectively done for a least a couple of seasons.

They also continue to pretend that they working in conjunction with the Government of Chile, who could care less about this group of nautical hustlers some of whom have outstanding warrants against them from Interpol and Canada in the case of Alex Cornelissen. He is in fact the person reported to be contacting the Armada de Chile from the MS Bob Barker. Should these persons enter Chile it is quite possible the Chilean Judicial Police would detain them under those warrants, as they did on behalf of Peru in the case of the Dutch murderer. The SSCS are playing some contrived game of their own which if they push it too far will blow back in their collective faces.

Meanwhile the JWF have turned westwards on reaching the position 64 degrees 4 minutes South latitude, 74 degrees 10 minutes West longitude at a reported speed of 11 knots. It may well be that the JWF is studying and assessing the area for future whale hunts - not good for the whales. Remember they have the ability to organise and execute supply and fuel transfers at sea. This is something that would be very difficult for the SSCS to accomplish which means they have to find refuelling Ports. Should the JWF start whaling in the region between the area of responsibility of New Zealand and that of Chile it would mean the SSCS would be hard put to harass them . The increased fuel consumption would mean that SSCS could only spent a relatively short time on station with the JWF. Of course in all this it presumes the JWF are planning to utilize new whaling areas, actually old ones being reactivated, and the SSCS could then find them. It would further seem these are thoughts for next season and the JWF will be shortly headed home to Japan.

Good Watch.

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