Wednesday, February 16, 2011


From the Gulf of Aden comes news of the British Royal Navy capturing a group of pirates and then releasing them. While on NATO anti-piracy patrol HMS Cumberland (F85) came across a Yemeni fishing boat being used as a mothership by pirates. The fishing boat was boarded and five Yemeni fishermen were discovered being held hostage. The fishermen were released and took over their dhow to return home. The 17 pirates were taken to Somalia to be released there, why? The Rule of Law is that unless the pirates are actually engaged in an act of piracy then they really cannot be prosecuted. There they are disarmed, pirating equipment is destroyed, the small skiffs used in boarding are also destroyed and the fuel is removed. The RN's HMS Cumberland (F85) is operating as part of the Combined Maritime Force which patrols the pirate area of operations.

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