Monday, November 1, 2010


The Polish ship STV Fryderyk Chopin commanded by CAPT. Ziemowit Baranski has arrived at Falmouth, Cornwall UK. under tow of a MCA (Maritime and Coastguard Agency) rescue tug.

There is a full report on the BBC (British Broadcasting Company), it makes interesting reading particularly the remarks on the incident and its cause by her Master. NAUTICAL LOG is somewhat concerned by the remarks as being an 'excuse' for the incident happening.

The vessel is owned and operated by a private Polish university founded in 1997 the European School of Law and Administration - not a very nautical sounding college.
In the interest of safety of STV's NAUTICAL LOG would like to suggest that Sail Training International which works closely with those operating STV's arrange a Seminar at the November 12 - 13, 2010 Conference in Stavanger, Norway. This should be done before there is serious loss of children's lives - 14 to 16 year olds are children. The STI Conference at Stavanger, Norway must set clear standards for Passage Planning and Passage-making with likely weather conditions being paramount and have a Review Board issue a 'Passage under Sail Clearance' only when these standards have been met.
NAUTICAL LOG feels that parents should be better informed prior to signing-off - they do sign-off don't they? - on their children going to sea with unknown persons in a high risk environment. That information should also be standardized for all Organizations operating STV's whatever their Flag State and wherever the Organization itself is based.

Good Watch.

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