Tuesday, October 26, 2010


From our European Union correspondent came an article from the Avaaz Organisation www.avaaz.org while NAUTICAL LOG is not familiar with the organization the article was about whales. With our natural concern for whales and appalled that whaling is still practiced in several countries here are quotes from the article as sent by our correspondent. We have no way of knowing if the numbers given in the article are correct or even how they were counted.

"There are only 300 northern right whales left and 99% of the blue whales have been wiped out."

"Right now 193 governments are meeting in Japan to try and create a global agreement to create, fund and enforce protected areas covering 20% of our lands and seas by 2020."

Well there it is the meeting is in Japan, is this not rather ironic since the premier country violating the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary (SOWS) is Japan. Under the ridiculous premise that they are conducting 'research' the ICR Japanese whaling fleet is at this very time preparing for yet another season of whaling. With an attitude like this is it any wonder that the Sea Shepherds are so outraged that they resort to a strategy of violent action to prevent the annual slaughter and the violation of the SOWS. While NAUTICAL LOG continues to deplore this strategy and absolutely condemns its nautical thuggery we do in all honesty understand and those who give their support.
It is an absolute disgrace and shame on the nations of Australia and New Zealand that their Navy's are not patrolling the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to keep everybody out unless they have an individual vessel permit from Australia and New Zealand.
By and large NAUTICAL LOG considers this meeting of little value and doubts if anything constructive will be obtained. Also the meeting organizers should have told Japan that it was quite unsuitable - shove it (as the candidate said to the Prez.) - to conduct such a meeting in the worlds premier whaling nation. Clearly the event is a political ploy - spin at its sordid highest level, shame on all involved!!

Good Watch.

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