Saturday, October 23, 2010


generic iPMS console

In a recent interview the Commanding Officer of HMS Astute, now facing Court Martial as a result of the grounding in Inner Sound, stated that the vessel was controlled by a Platform Management System (PMS). This is the latest in maritime automation and is the integration of human abilities with computer abilities. Generally known as an integrated Platform Management System (iPMS) it is fitted in many warships of different nations as well as merchant vessels and even a few mega-yachts. As can be seen from the photo above it consists of a console with indicators, screens, keyboards and a 'joystick'. One person manning a console can control these applications:

  • Power management

  • Propulsion control Ship systems automation

  • Ship system remote monitoring and control

  • Alarm system including Extension Alarm Panels

  • Damage management

  • Conning displays

  • Loading and Stability computer

  • CCTV camera system

  • Data logging

  • Provide training

  • Provide electronic mail

  • Distribute video

  • Manage ship's operative manning
  • Be user-friendly

Operating consoles are placed on the Bridge, in the Engine Control Room (ECR) and at various other locations as needed for a particular vessel. While the Bridge console would concentrate on navigational, communications, loading and stability, alarm systems, damage control and response, stores inventory, in a merchant ship cargo operations, in a warship combat related functions. The ECR console would concentrate on propulsion engines, gearboxes, propellers both fixed and variable pitch, power generators, power distribution, switchboards, fire pumps, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, water and fuel monitoring, spare parts inventory, food preparation, laundry service and sanitary systems.

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