Tuesday, September 28, 2010


UPDATE: October 01, 2010.

See the reports in the world news media of law enforcement and the President of Ecuador being held "hostage" by police.

In the NAUTICAL LOG Press Release folder this morning came news of new laws passed in Ecuador. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, World Wildlife Fund and Conservation International presented to PROJUSTICIA a unit of the Ministry of Justice of Ecuador a legal brief justifying the need to create a 'Rights of Nature' for the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador.

In 2008 Ecuador became the first country to recognize nature as a subject of rights. The Constitution of the Republic of Ecuador recognizes the rights of nature to be respected and restored. In 2009 the 'Organic Code of the Judicial Function' was created. This provides for the creation of special judiciaries to address claims of violation of the rights of nature. The Law authorizes its establishment by the Consejo de la Judicatura, the country's Judicial Council.

en Espanol;
En al ano 2008, Ecuador se convirtio en al primer pais del mundo en reconocer la calidad de sujeto de derechos a la naturaleza En al ano 2009 entro en vigencia el 'Codigo Organico de la Funcion Judicial' que, de manera especifica, preve la creacion de judicaturas especiales para conocur reclamaciones por violacion de los derechos de la naturaleza.

Now this is no doubt all very noble, exemplary Laws have been put in place already in Ecuador and further proposed by the conservation groups. What remains to be seen however is its enforcement on an equal basis. Usually in countries such as Ecuador the application and enforcement of the Law depends on ones social status. By that NAUTICAL LOG means the higher up the social scale in the country that one is the less the National Laws seem to apply.

Hopefully Ecuador will now apply all Law equally to all persons concerned regardless of social status or position and set an example not just in Conservation Law but all National Laws.

Good Watch.

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