Thursday, June 17, 2010


The SS-PG still seem to be skulking about looking for trouble, thankfully they are not finding any. The EC Fisheries Commissioner Maria Damanaki has closed the fishing season due to the quota being reached. This meant that the fisherman could not fish until the end of season date June 15, 2010. The arrangement is a proposed closing date provided the season quota has not been reached first of all. Something that actually makes sense from government for a change. Of course with the usual clash of union and management Europeche is upset and feel that, in spite of clearly understood rules, they should have been allowed to fish until the closing date of June 15, 2010. It always seems as if when Management says no Union will say yes and if Management says yes Union says no. If the two bodies would work together in mutual support much better results could be achieved. This time round the bluefin tuna have come out ahead - well sort of.

NAUTICAL LOG is amused by the rhetoric from 'Wats-his-name' decrying this Europeche behaviour because it is exactly what he does himself. Everything that is proposed as a compromise over whaling he is completely against on principle. There are temper tantrums, intemperate rhetoric, acid throwing, ramming of ships and acts of piracy. This 2010-2011 season might be the one to listen, think and consider compromise. The Japanese have had more than enough of SS-PG violent tactical action. They have now seen that SS-PG will back off when serious government patrols are in place as in the Mediterranean. Last season the Japanese achieved the successful sinking of a SS-PG vessel with the arrest and trial of its operator. They know just what counter tactics are effective against the SS-PG and will now press their advantage to the maximum. With all this bravado the risk of loss of life increases dramatically.

Well one thing that Sea Shepherds did that was excellent, on finding a large mooring buoy adrift realizing that they could not sink it, painted a slogan and reported to Med. Maritime Authorities for a Navigation Warning to be issued for a dangerous floating object. Now that is shepherding the sea.

Good Watch.

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