Saturday, June 19, 2010


Fishermen defending their catch cage.

Fishermen being harassed.

Order ramming speed - I will take your photo, I will, I will !!
The mighty leader 'Wats-his-name' gives his 'Order of the Day'.

Reading the latest Press Releases this guy has clearly lost it totally, please EU Navies get him off the Mediterranean and the High Seas permanently before there is a tragedy. The Sea Shepherds are so desperate for attention that they asked to work with the Greenpeace vessel MS Arctic Sunrise. This was refused by her Master and the MS Arctic Sunrise manoeuvred to avoid a photo of the two vessels together. However the MS Steve Irwin is a bit faster and managed to get the shot anyway from her helicopter. So now SS-PG are harassing Greenpeace this has got to be the height of "conservation" stupidity.

Not content with that piece of nonsense the MS Steve Irwin headed into Libyan territorial waters the Gulf of Sidra. Here for the second time in days they harassed the Italian fishing vessel Cesare Rustico by Delta RHIB, helicopter and a dive team. Three Libyan fishing vessels then approached, they were the Tagreft, Rabbah 1060 and Misurate 96 and moved to defend their catch cage. Surprise surprise they attacked the MS Steve Irwin which approached them by firing flares at the bridge and deck areas. At the same time they transmitted a distress message advising they were under attack by the MS Steve Irwin.

Libyan defence forces responded and swept the area with radar which the MS Steve Irwin helicopter's instrumentation recognised. The Libyan Navy was also alerted to respond meanwhile the fishermen successfully defended their catch. The MS Steve Irwin then retreated northwards out of the Gulf of Sidra.

Good Watch.

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