Wednesday, March 10, 2010


From their pirate lair sanctuary the Port of Hobart, Tasmania comes news that the SS-PG vessel MS Steve Irwin will depart later this month. It is bound across the Pacific for the Panama Canal, after transit it will sail across the Atlantic to France, quite likely the Port of Lorient in Brittany. There no doubt a warm welcome awaits from those hardy Breton fishermen.

As an indication of how the French enjoy pirates in the NAUTICAL LOG Press Release folder this morning there is a report entitled "France captures 35 'pirates' in three days off the Somali coast". The French Navy frigate Nivose seized four 'mother-ships' and six skiffs. After firing warning shots French and EU forces used helicopters to make the 'Stop and Capture' operation. The French Naval and Special Forces have captured nearly 100 pirates and killed 6 since the capture of a French luxury yacht in April 2008. Captured pirates are usually flown to Kenya for trial and about 10 are in French jails awaiting trial in France.

So SS-PG crewmembers this is an indication of the warm reception the French Navy will offer you should you continue on this 12,000 nautical mile voyage and interfere with Mediterranean Bluefin tuna fishermen. Remember besides the French you will be dealing with all the other European and North African nations who fish Bluefin tuna.

Good Watch.

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