Friday, March 19, 2010


Running a bit late today so just got around to opening the daily Press Release folder. As it happens there was something in there that relates to previous NAUTICAL LOG Posts.

From Doha, Qatar comes a report that the 175 nation Convention on International Trade in Endangered Spies (CITES) failed to pass a proposed ban by Monaco on Atlantic Bluefin tuna fishing. With stocks of the fish reportedly down 75% the defeat was a set back for the United States, European Union and the conservationists who backed the Monaco proposal.

Fishing nations from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Caribbean and representatives of European fishermen complained that any ban would damage their fishing communities. They felt that fears of the stock's collapse were overstated. This may reflect the lack of trust in scientific studies as a result of the British global warming e-mails. In fact Libya accused Monaco of lying and trying to mislead delegates before calling for the vote.

The largest consumer of Bluefin tuna is Japan and Tokyo also raised doubts that such a radical move as banning was scientifically sound.

With the declared planned attacks on the Bluefin tuna fishermen announced by the SS-PG it would seem that a determined effort by the ITF to stop those plans is needed more than ever. In a previous Post NAUTICAL LOG suggested that the ITF work to prevent the SS-PG vessel MS Steve Irwin and possibly also the MS Bob Barker sailing from Hobart, TAS to Europe via the Panama Canal.

Good Watch.

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