Friday, March 12, 2010


Well it is said that no good deed shall go unpunished but one has to wonder. Back in the SS-PG pirate lair sanctuary Port of Hobart, TAS the Australian Federal Police (AFP) returned the logbooks of the MS Steve Irwin and MS Bob Barker. No real surprise there, it is a simple matter to copy them and they are needed aboard to record daily events in accordance with maritime law. The AFP have made no arrests to date and that does now seem unlikely. Also as usual The Netherlands has not taken any action against its Flag State vessel thus indicating that it approves the SS-PG actions. No surprise there, what is a little surprising is that according to Australia the West African nation of Togo has not informed them that MS Bob Barker is deflagged. She was therefore entered into Australia as a Togo Flag State vessel and Australia is currently her Port State.

In passing one could note that Togo is very inexperienced in maritime affairs and is in a state of political turmoil. It really does not matter that much because The Netherlands will offer the MS Bob Barker registration and proudly become its Flag State. Little would be gained by punishing any of the crewmembers most if not all are volunteers or called such anyway. They join in these farcical expeditions dazzled by that swashbuckling pirate captain 'Wats-his-name'. In turn the now not so 'swash' pirate captain deserts them to return home in triumph to a hero's welcome in his new home town of Fridays Harbor, WA. They of course face a 12,000 nautical mile voyage to Europe. I don't suppose 90% of them have any idea what they are facing on that passage of at least 45-50 days.

Good Watch.

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