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It becomes clearer each Press Release from SSCS that the master Antarctic navigator 'Wats-his-name', who claims he is superior to all whom have gone before him, has definitely lost all sense of proportion.

Titled with the headline Operation No Compromise Campaign Progress Report it starts out with the list of three ships and their activity dates; so what's your problem NAUTICAL LOG? Ah! well you see the date of the PR is January 30, 2011 but the information "latest" given about the three ships MS Steve Irwin, MS Bob Barker, and MS Gojira is December 31, 2010. How so you may well ask - that one must be referred to 'Wats-his-name' for an answer.

Now readers can access the SSCS PR and read it for yourselves but NAUTICAL LOG is going to take some points because frankly they are confusing. Under the paragraph Summary he states:

"Sea Shepherd has had two of the three harpoon vessels under 24-hour observation for 32 days, during that time these vessels have not killed a single whale".

Alright that is clear enough but it is then followed by some vague percentages and numbers of whales possibly killed. The formulae for these figures is not given and they seem to result from obsessive brooding thinking, he then concludes with yet another masterful superior remark:

"But we will not know the final figures until they are released at the end of the hunting season".

Released by the JWF, so you mean after all this performance in The Southern Ocean you are going to just accept the Japanese Whaling Fleet figures without question. Then we go to the paragraph Campaign Difficulties and Failures where he states:

"This is not an easy campaign due to the expanded hunting range, ice, weather, and tails assigned to follow our ships".

Ok! that's understandable - wait a minute, whats this "tails assigned" bit? Didn't we just read in the Summary paragraph that the SSCS Pirate Group "had two of the three harpoon vessels under 24-hour observation". Now which is it, you followed them or they followed you, the superior Antarctic master 'Wats-his-name' seems confused on that point. Also in that paragraph there is a piece of complete nautical drivel that the MS Bob Barker dropped chasing the MT Sun Laurel but not before planting a tracking device on it. Two points here the vessel is fitted with AIS, active or inactive as it chooses, and could care less if SSCS Pirate Group knows it position. Don't even ask how they planted that supposed tracking device. The meeting with MS Nisshin Maru can take place north of 60 degrees South latitude and transfer fuel weather permitting with absolutely no problem.

Now to the Ice paragraph where he confirms that JWF were actually following him, of course we knew this all along, still nice to have it confirmed by:

"The two Sea Shepherd ships, each with a harpoon vessel tail".

Then he blames the ice charts as showing ice-clear water when both SSCS vessels ended up working through heavy floes of ice. Now 'Wats-his-name' knows very well from his Canadian Coastguard days onward, as does NAUTICAL LOG from icebreaker Officer of the Watch (OOW) service that one patrols ahead using the helicopter to confirm supplied ice charts and chart your own leads through the ice when it is found to be there. That one does not play well with NAUTICAL LOG and sounds like sloppy ice-piloting by our self-proclaimed masterfully superior Antarctic navigator.

Then the PR goes on into February 2011 and a realm of pure fantasy. Soon MS Steve Irwin will head off to New Zealand on its, most likely carefully planned, run-a-way to refuel. Just maybe it will never actually return to The Southern Ocean anti-whaling campaign 2010-2011 Operation No Commonsense.

Good Watch.


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Good Watch.


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Good Watch.