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UPDATE:  February 23, 2014

Following the creationist format and not a logical evolutionary format there is yet another load of rubbish Report seeded with generic photos of the ships which could be from any time or season by Sea Shepherd Australia entitled "Sea Shepherd Locates Whale Poaching Fleet, Prepares for Interception".   NAUTICAL LOG noted that this Report is unsigned - are they finally embarrassing themselves?

Those of you still interested in the confused goings-on in the Southern Ocean on the supposed anti-whaling Operation Relentless may want to go to the SSCS website.  There one will find a Report by Peter Hammarstedt ("captPH") of the severely damaged, unseaworthy, and still unsurveyed  SSCS vessel MS Bob Barker.  The Report is entitled "On Being Relentless - Update from the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary". 

The following photo is of the three musketeers those intrepid sea-going warriors of Sea Shepherd Australia - they make one really want to go to sea on those ships!!   This whole business gets more pathetic every season it is now so tragic one actually feels some sympathy - well no perhaps not quite yet.

SSCS intrepid threesome 

If anyone had given me a Report in this confused writing and format during my service as Master in my 50 year sea career they would have been fired, sacked, dismissed on the spot.  It is a confused rambling tale of Operation Relentless which is without a constructive plan, following no effective course, for no particular purpose.  One can only suggest you read it for yourselves and try to make sense of it because so far NAUTICAL LOG most certainly cannot.

It is past time for young "captPH" to head for a safe port and have the severely damaged, unseaworthy ship MS Bob Barker surveyed before it becomes a major tragedy in maritime disasters of the Southern Ocean.  Also "captPH" appears from his confused writing to really need some rest, recover whatever abilities he has and gain some perspective of what a huge mess he is making of anti-whaling efforts this season.  One can only hope for the sake of his own crew and those of the other two ships that he is not in overall command imitating "Wats-his-name".  The first responsibility of any Master is the safety of his crew by having a safe ship, clearly from the photographs of the condition of the MS Bob Barker this responsibility is not being met by "captPH".

Meanwhile over on the South West coasts of Australia the government has a shark cull going.  This quite disgusting and savage slaughter is by the same government that is taking legal action against the Japanese over whaling.  So it seems they can all kill sea life when they feel like it.  Does this make any sense because it certainly does not to NAUTICAL LOG.

Good Watch.

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