Friday, January 17, 2014


SSCS vessel MS Sam Simon
Well now what a nice surprise this morning to open up the Sea Shepherd Australia link in and find a sensible report.  The article covering current happenings was well written, informative and non-bombastic which is quite a change from previous seasons when "Wats-his-name" wrote his nonsense. 

It is however quite amazing to NAUTICAL LOG that after all the reports about finding the JWF and ships following ships the SSCS has lost contact with the factory ship MS Nisshin Maru.  One would think that a SSCS ship perhaps the MS Sam Simon would be assigned to stay with her to keep track at all times.  It may be that there is not a well coordinated plan or the captains of the SSCS vessels are not able to execute the plan or handle their ships in an effective manner.  We shall just have to see if they have the navigational ability to do so.   Instead of racing back and forth in dramatic fashion across the Southern Ocean like the MS Bob Barker transmitting bombastic signals, remain and track the JWF ships so as to actually know what is going on.

NAUTICAL LOG suspects that the Japanese are catching whales maybe not in large numbers but still catching them.  As to the Australian Customs patrol plane it seems to be totally ineffective, a waste of time and tax money.

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