Thursday, January 2, 2014


It always takes a long time for changes to come into effect between the decision finally being reached at the Body concerned, then Ratification by the various Members and so becoming Law.  There is excellent coverage in the maritime Blog gCAPTAIN and no doubt there will be M-Notices coming from the British Government MCA in regard to these Amendments.

On January 01, 2014 a series of Amendments to IMO, SOLAS, and MARPOL came into effect.  Also a change to the 1988 Load Line Protocol which moved the Southern limit of the Winter Seasonal Zone 50 nautical miles southward from the coast of South Africa. 

Considering the huge seas often found off this coast NAUTICAL LOG found it rather strange this change took place after all the recent reports of vessels cracking and excessive working of the huge newly built ships.  We shall just have to see if this was a wise decision to change the 1988 Load Line Protocol.

Good Watch.

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