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So it starts the Path of Jesus of Nazareth or the Path of Francis 1 of Buenos Aires either way this is the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning.  The Roman Catholic Christian Church is now ruled by the Society of Jesus who at long last finally have their Jesuit Pope.  In addition let us not forget Benedict  XVI, the Pope who Resigned but never Abdicated, who remains in residence in the Vatican.

Changes have been made in the Vatican Ruling Body with a new Secretary of State, controversial speeches and interviews given during the recent hysterical visit to Brazil.  In typical Jesuit fashion the stage was set for the real moves in a long dreamed of direction since the foundation of the Society of Jesus in 1540.

In his interview with the Jesuit writers Francis 1 stated that too often the Roman Catholic Church "locked itself up in small-minded rules" which it most certainly did.  When those Rules were not obeyed by the ordinary people, and here one is reminded of the Cathars in the Languedoc area of Southern France and of course the destruction of The Templar's in 1307 with its final disbandment (?) in 1312, the retribution by the Roman Catholic Church Popes Army resulted in the slaughter of thousands  of men, women, and children without mercy.  So much for Christian consideration.

And why?

In 325 CE and again in 787 CE there were Councils at Nicaea a Greek town in what is now Turkey.  There the numerous Christian sects met to discuss what Christianity meant and what it was supposed to teach as the Word of Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Jewish wandering preacher.  To say that the Council got off that path is putting it mildly.

In 325 CE the First Council met without the Pope being present just his Representative and of course the Roman Emperor Constantine.  With his presence and influence politics controlled the religious fervor and a Religion was developed that would appeal to the various sects of Christian thinking, the pagans of the northern provinces of the Roman Empire and the Jews themselves.  Of the various existing writings of Christianity a selection was chosen that would become the Christian Bible or New Testament while the Hebrew Bible continued as the Old Testament.  The other writings not selected were considered "heretical" and not accepted by the Roman Catholic Christian Church.  Most of both the Eastern Orthodox Churches and of course the Roman Catholic Church signed off on this concept and the Christian Church proceeded on that basis with remarkable success. 

But was this result at Nicaea the actual Path Jesus of Nazareth wanted followed, was he the "Son of God" or just a Jewish wandering preacher.  There was considerable doubt in many quarters which as more people became more educated over the centuries increased leading to schisms.   The Roman Catholic Church as represented by the Pope and Vatican Council became increasingly controlling, secretive and intolerant of any discussion, blind obedience was the order of the day until quite recent times.  Even in my own lifetime it was not until entering a Jesuit college that any discussion was tolerated let alone encouraged as it was by the Jesuits.  Until we have the situation today of educated people demanding to read those not selected early Christian writings supposed to be kept under lock and key in the Archives of the Vatican Library.

Now the Jesuits have after over 400 years of waiting got their Jesuit Pope and the power they have always wished for and planned for to develop the Roman Catholic Church from their viewpoint - but is it the Path of Jesus of Nazareth. 

According to the interview by Francis 1 given to the Jesuit magazines it is necessary to make some considerable changes to the pastoral approach for the Roman Catholic Church to continue or according to him "the whole thing will fall apart".  His demeanor indicates a deep concern with even a touch of panic at the status of the Church he heads.  One would agree this is certainly true but there is a danger that the Roman Catholic Church will divide itself as Judaism did into Orthodox, (including Ultra-Orthodox), Conservative and Reform selecting just the parts of Judaic thinking that each group liked and ignoring the remainder.

It is time for this Jesuit Pope Francis 1 to open-up fully an unrestricted access to the Archives of the Vatican Library produce the writings disregarded under the guise of heretical at Nicaea should they exist there or elsewhere, hold an Inclusive Council of all Christian Churches with Observers from Non-Christian Religions to review and decide in this more educated 21st. Century of the Common Era just what Path Jesus of Nazareth wanted us all to follow. 

One sincerely feels that if this is not done very soon, within a year or less and the clearly defined Path of Jesus of Nazareth announced the words of Malachy the Irish Churchman repeated by Francis 1 in his recent interview "the whole thing will fall apart" will indeed come true.

Count D. Peter Boucher, Kt. SMOM

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