Wednesday, September 25, 2013

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Amazing, awesome - chose an adjective the America Cup is retained by the USA.  In an extraordinary comeback the final race was won by Oracle Team USA in San Francisco, CA today.  After falling behind 8 races to 1 the USA won 11 races to win the Cup 9 to 8 due to their 2 race penalty deduction.

All one can really say is "Well done USA" NAUTICAL LOG is a believer in this maritime high technology.

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Saturday, September 21, 2013



So it starts the Path of Jesus of Nazareth or the Path of Francis 1 of Buenos Aires either way this is the beginning of the end and the end of the beginning.  The Roman Catholic Christian Church is now ruled by the Society of Jesus who at long last finally have their Jesuit Pope.  In addition let us not forget Benedict  XVI, the Pope who Resigned but never Abdicated, who remains in residence in the Vatican.

Changes have been made in the Vatican Ruling Body with a new Secretary of State, controversial speeches and interviews given during the recent hysterical visit to Brazil.  In typical Jesuit fashion the stage was set for the real moves in a long dreamed of direction since the foundation of the Society of Jesus in 1540.

In his interview with the Jesuit writers Francis 1 stated that too often the Roman Catholic Church "locked itself up in small-minded rules" which it most certainly did.  When those Rules were not obeyed by the ordinary people, and here one is reminded of the Cathars in the Languedoc area of Southern France and of course the destruction of The Templar's in 1307 with its final disbandment (?) in 1312, the retribution by the Roman Catholic Church Popes Army resulted in the slaughter of thousands  of men, women, and children without mercy.  So much for Christian consideration.

And why?

In 325 CE and again in 787 CE there were Councils at Nicaea a Greek town in what is now Turkey.  There the numerous Christian sects met to discuss what Christianity meant and what it was supposed to teach as the Word of Jesus Christ of Nazareth the Jewish wandering preacher.  To say that the Council got off that path is putting it mildly.

In 325 CE the First Council met without the Pope being present just his Representative and of course the Roman Emperor Constantine.  With his presence and influence politics controlled the religious fervor and a Religion was developed that would appeal to the various sects of Christian thinking, the pagans of the northern provinces of the Roman Empire and the Jews themselves.  Of the various existing writings of Christianity a selection was chosen that would become the Christian Bible or New Testament while the Hebrew Bible continued as the Old Testament.  The other writings not selected were considered "heretical" and not accepted by the Roman Catholic Christian Church.  Most of both the Eastern Orthodox Churches and of course the Roman Catholic Church signed off on this concept and the Christian Church proceeded on that basis with remarkable success. 

But was this result at Nicaea the actual Path Jesus of Nazareth wanted followed, was he the "Son of God" or just a Jewish wandering preacher.  There was considerable doubt in many quarters which as more people became more educated over the centuries increased leading to schisms.   The Roman Catholic Church as represented by the Pope and Vatican Council became increasingly controlling, secretive and intolerant of any discussion, blind obedience was the order of the day until quite recent times.  Even in my own lifetime it was not until entering a Jesuit college that any discussion was tolerated let alone encouraged as it was by the Jesuits.  Until we have the situation today of educated people demanding to read those not selected early Christian writings supposed to be kept under lock and key in the Archives of the Vatican Library.

Now the Jesuits have after over 400 years of waiting got their Jesuit Pope and the power they have always wished for and planned for to develop the Roman Catholic Church from their viewpoint - but is it the Path of Jesus of Nazareth. 

According to the interview by Francis 1 given to the Jesuit magazines it is necessary to make some considerable changes to the pastoral approach for the Roman Catholic Church to continue or according to him "the whole thing will fall apart".  His demeanor indicates a deep concern with even a touch of panic at the status of the Church he heads.  One would agree this is certainly true but there is a danger that the Roman Catholic Church will divide itself as Judaism did into Orthodox, (including Ultra-Orthodox), Conservative and Reform selecting just the parts of Judaic thinking that each group liked and ignoring the remainder.

It is time for this Jesuit Pope Francis 1 to open-up fully an unrestricted access to the Archives of the Vatican Library produce the writings disregarded under the guise of heretical at Nicaea should they exist there or elsewhere, hold an Inclusive Council of all Christian Churches with Observers from Non-Christian Religions to review and decide in this more educated 21st. Century of the Common Era just what Path Jesus of Nazareth wanted us all to follow. 

One sincerely feels that if this is not done very soon, within a year or less and the clearly defined Path of Jesus of Nazareth announced the words of Malachy the Irish Churchman repeated by Francis 1 in his recent interview "the whole thing will fall apart" will indeed come true.

Count D. Peter Boucher, Kt. SMOM

Friday, September 20, 2013


Emer P21

Talk about value for money, today the Emer the oldest ship in the Irish Naval Service was decommissioned.  NAUTICAL LOG has decided to reprint the report from this morning's Irish Times as follows:

"Irish Naval Service vessel the LÉ Emer is being decommissioned from the Service today after almost 36 years in use.  The oldest ship in the service, LÉ Emer was built in Verolme Cork Shipyard and was commissioned on January 16th. 1978.  The vessel has had 23 Captains and the Service estimated it has sailed 518,000 nautical miles during its service.  The final serving captain is Lt. Cmdr. Alan O'Reagan a Cork native. 

Deriving its name from Celtic mythology in reference to the wife of Cúchulainn, the ship's crest features flames representing the virtues of womanhood.

Emer's roles encompassed maritime defence and security, ocean governance, safety and surveillance, port security, fishery protection, drug interdiction, pollution control and search and rescue.

The vessel was the first Naval Service ship to carry out a Unifil resupply mission in 1979 to South Lebanon.  It was involved in the search and rescue operation during the Fastnet disaster off the West Cork coast in 1979 in which 15 people died.  It also played a key role in the seizure of the gun-running fishing vessel Marita Anne in 1984."

Again thanks LÉ Emer for many years of service during which she was commanded by several friends and former shipmates of NAUTICAL LOG

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

NLIN #12 - 2013

The following M - Notices are now available at if you have problems call 023 8032 9391.

MSN 1851 (M) The Larger Commercial Yacht Code (LY3).

MGN 471 (M) Maritime Labour Convention 2006: UK Definitions.

MGN 486 (M) Maritime Labour Convention 2006, Access to Shore based welfare facilities.

MIN 468 (M) Experienced Seafarer to Engineer Officer of the Watch (EOOW).

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Not that NAUTICAL LOG makes any particular effort these days to follow either Greenpeace or Sea Shepherds - we do not hear anything of Sea Shepherds are they still around - however Greenpeace did get themselves in the news or at least in the gCaptain blog.

It seems that some of them attacked an oil rig in the Russian Arctic and found themselves restrained by the Russian Coastguard.  Quite vigorously restrained actually with shots fired or so it is reported.  Of course they really only have themselves to blame as they invaded a Sovereign Nation and its national equipment.  To attack anything Russian is going to bring down some very heavy reaction as they enforce Russian Law on persons interfering with their national operations. 

Whether other international groups such as Greenpeace do not agree with oil drilling operations in the Russian Arctic does not give them any right whatsoever to attack an oil rig in Russian sovereign territory.  These actions actually achieve nothing whatsoever and just cause further resentment in Russia towards what they consider 'American' groups.

It is rather pointless after incidents like this to expect the Russians to sit down at a conference table to discuss these and other issues from a diplomatic approach.  Recently the United States has drawn "red lines" over another nations actions in the Middle East and the senior U.S. "diplomat" has referred to the President of the nation involved as "a thug" .  Then continuing under the complete lack of leadership of his own President the same "diplomat" ended up sitting down with the Russian Foreign Minister and just saying "yes sir" to that Diplomats proposal to find an approach leading to the cessation of chemical warfare.  The Russian Tsar must be quite pleased with the result achieved.

Due to some unknown U.S. foreign policy that nation is now in the position of not just being taken not very seriously worldwide but is an international joke.  So how on earth do these so-called environmental groups think that their efforts will be regarded other than as "terrorist" acts.

Good Watch.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


NAUTICAL LOG does not understand why anyone would write a comment and not sign it knowing it will not be published.  At the top of the Blog there is a clear statement on how and what we publish that includes not publishing ANONYMOUS comments, yet we receive them regularly. 

For the information of those who write ANONYMOUS comments they never even arrive at the Blog, instead they go automatically to an e-mail deposit for moderation.

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Sunday, September 8, 2013



Just maybe having watched the sailing races in San Francisco Bay this weekend.  NAUTICAL LOG understands these speed machines are the AC72 Class.  It was extremely exciting and a display, though specialized, of superb seamanship in sailing.

Having been critical in the past and while NAUTICAL LOG is not entirely convinced that these are the yachts that should be racing for a trophy as traditional as the America Cup.   Perhaps more properly they deserve a unique trophy of their own. 

Still at the time of the original series those yachts were the epitome of the latest design and technology of the 19th. Century.  The AC72 is the epitome of the 21st. Century design and technology.  So perhaps after all the America Cup is the correct award for the series.

We shall be watching the continuation of the series from San Francisco Bay with great interest.

Good Watch.

Friday, September 6, 2013


Lt. Kerry USN at Vietnam War Congressional Hearings

Secretary of State Kerry at Syrian Strike Congressional Hearings
Once again we are hearing testimony at Congressional Hearings on both the Senate side and the House side.  Surprise, surprise the same person is involved after 42 years - but what a different viewpoint.  At that time Kerry asked "How do we ask a man to be the last to die for a mistake?".  Perhaps Mr. Secretary of State by not repeating them - sadly we continue to do so.

For once it would be nice if when persons became Politicians they maintained there original viewpoints and when the occasion arose in their time stuck with their original beliefs and Declared Peace not continue to blow the World to pieces by Acts of War.

They would do well to remember a story told in the Middle East about a scorpion who wished to cross the Nile River.  He spotted a frog and asked him to take him across on his back.  The frog refused saying "You will sting me and I will die".  The scorpion said "No that would be foolish if I did that I could not cross the Nile".  So the frog allowed him to climb on and headed across the Nile River.  Halfway across sure enough the scorpion stung the frog who said  "Why did you do that now I will die and you will drown".  The scorpion replied "Ah but this is the Middle East".

Count D. Peter Boucher, Kt. SMOM.
International Master Mariner (Retired)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Each Labour Day in New York Harbour there is a gathering of tugs with various competitive events taking place.  It is of course a great day out on the water and the tugs have guests on board.  NAUTICAL LOG is a bit puzzled how that can happen but it appears the United States Coast Guard (USCG) has some unknown regulation which covers that or just turns "Nelson's Eye" for this event.

Along with turning a blind eye to crowded tugboats it seems that lifejackets are also not required and once again NAUTICAL LOG is concerned about that.  Also it appears from my mail that one is not alone with this concern as the remark "don't they have to wear lifejackets?" was a theme in e-mails.  One particularly noted the young boy on the second deck and a young girl on the maindeck of the Catherine C. Miller  (see photo above from tugster: a waterblog also see that Blog for other photos) whose families would perhaps have been wiser to have had them wearing lifejackets. 

It was a day of macho behavior and pursuits so things can go wrong at those times more easily than on a regular workday.  In the Blog mentioned there are other photos of tugs pushing against each other with guests crowding both the bows and decks.  Happily all went well and it really was another great day on the water. 

As we approach the anniversary of 9/11 one is reminded how quickly things can change the day.  NAUTICAL LOG observed the second plane hitting the WTC tower live and thus one is further reminded how an act can change life and families forever.  It can be a massive tragedy or small tragedy the pain of the loss to a family is not diminished by its size.

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