Friday, July 5, 2013


Genting Resorts World is becoming one of the best known cruise lines trying to operate out of the Port of Miami, Florida. One says trying because once again it has fallen on its face and once again has to deal with negative PR.  Lets take a look at how it all began.

On July 03, 2013 there appeared in The Miami Herald a full page ad in red and blue inks announcing that from July 04 to 07 their ship MS Bimini Superfast would be open to the public from 0900 to 2100 each day.  Frankly on reading this announcement NAUTICAL LOG was amazed as there have not been ship tours open to the public at the Port of Miami since 9/11 due to Federal Port Security requirements.  Again something that comes under the USCG umbrella of responsibility. 

Well nothing ventured nothing gained so NAUTICAL LOG headed down to the Port of Miami this morning and after finding parking - a nightmare in itself - we went through security at Terminal "F" only to then find out that the ship was closed to the public due to USCG-MSO Inspections still going on.  In the Terminal there was a nice free buffet laid out of pastries and sandwiches with soft drinks.  After a pastry and drink we briefly chatted with an embarrassed crew member who said the USCG had told them ship tours were not permitted. 

The ship, as it enters a second week, has not yet passed the USCG-MSO requirements due to being unable to transition power to its emergency systems the ship clearly having come from Europe in this state apparently certified by EMSA and its Flag State of the Republic of Panama.  Inspections continued on Friday July 05, 2013 and once again the ships engineers could not resolve the power transition problem, once again the MSO Chief of Inspection failed the vessel.  We understand there will be an announcement on Monday July 08 2013. 

It seems Genting Resorts World had just taken it upon itself to announce that the ship was open to the public in The Miami Herald - this is not really the way to get the USCG-MSO on your side !!

The Genting Bimini website does now have a slideshow so that is as close to seeing the ship that one currently gets.

Good Watch.

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