Thursday, June 6, 2013


United States military cemetery Colleville-Sur-Mer, France

German military cemetery La Cambe, France

June 06, 1944 some 69 years ago today a young boy was looking at all the adults gathering on our street and knew that something really important was going on. Then most of the women and indeed some of the men headed off to Roman Catholic Mass and Church of Ireland Services. D - Day 1944.

At that time NAUTICAL LOG was just seven and a half years old and remembers it well, maybe, mostly it is memory in retrospect having heard about it so many times with parents worrying about relatives and friends some of whom sadly never came home.  However as a result of their courage and sacrifice we still live in relative peace and it would seem that after all Germany rules Europe through the European Union that great Socialist boondoogle.  Oh! well cannot win them all.

So this morning the French, who can be so difficult about things but never about the Normandy Landings, visited the graves of the Fallen planted flowers and remembered as always those who set them free of the Nazi Regime.  And in a quiet corner is the graveyard of German soldiers who also suffered something we tend to forget but must not.

Not so many are left who actually fought at those Landings and as we who were children pass on there will soon be no one left.  One wonders what will then become of the European Union, will it fail or develop to become the Socialist Empire so wanted by many, so feared by many.  NAUTICAL LOG will not be here to see what happens of course, which one must admit is a comforting thought.

Good Watch.

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