Friday, April 12, 2013


Patrick Lydon, his sister and their donkey .
Myself looking out over Dunmore East harbour some 70+ years ago.

While this has a slight nautical connection its interest is mainly to those who are Irish or have visited Ireland.

The death has occurred in Connemara of a Mr. Patrick Lydon known as "Red" in his village and to his friends.  He was only 65 and in a way was a remarkable young man who while actually never leaving Ireland travelled the world as seen in the photo above.  During the 1960's a John Hinde travelled around Ireland taking tourist type photos which he produced in is own factory in Co. Dublin.  Never once in all the years that he did business did he pay any royalties to those he photographed.  Paddy Lydon said he got half-a-crown which is thirty pence in the real Irish currency before this Euro rubbish at that time it was worth about $0.25 in U.S. currency - pretty cheap!!

In the other photo is a child with a model ship gazing down on the harbour in Dunmore East dreaming of going to sea no doubt and becoming a shipmaster.  He did for that child is myself over 70+ years ago.  Mr. Hinde took my photo one morning in one of his original black and white photos.  Years later he retook a photo in colour of Dunmore East harbour and superimposed my photo which one can see is colourised to match.

Years later an action was taken against Hinde for not paying royalties to those he photographed but he got away with it due to time and uncertainty about permission.  While at least "Red" got his half-a-crown I did not - still to look back on this piece of Irish history some 70 years later is really worth more.  Mr. Hinde did not go unpunished however because we were not a poor Connemara family and when years later in choosing a photographer for a very lucrative advertising programme my father remembering the Dunmore East incident made sure Mr. Hinde was not selected.

Good Watch.

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