Friday, March 22, 2013


HMS Duncan D37
For those of you who do not play cricket a clear hit over the boundary line counts as six runs.  Well the British do play cricket and the Royal Navy just got a nice six with the arrival of HMS Duncan in Portsmouth Royal Navy Base under the Blue Ensign today for commissioning when she will raise the White Ensign.

She is the latest and last of the Type 45 destroyers which are designated air defence vessels.  Armed with the Sea Viper missile defence system, BAE 4.5 inch Mk.8 Mod. gun, Phalanx CIWS and various smaller caliber ship and personnel armaments.  The first Type 45 HMS Daring arrived in Portsmouth in January 2009 and was followed by HMS Dauntless, HMS Diamond, HMS Dragon, HMS Defender, and now HMS Duncan.

HMS Duncan will undergo sea trials and sea training under her Royal Navy White Ensign before serving on worldwide duties as needed.  This week HMS Dragon departed for the Middle East on her maiden deployment.

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