Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It is with quite some amazement that NAUTICAL LOG has now arrived at 75,000 visitors since starting this Blog.  We use only our Blog to publish our views or comments to other Blogs having no RSS®, Facebook® or Twitter® accounts or links to them.

When we started out it was our intention to write on maritime subjects and see if there was any interest.  From the beginning we planned not to have any additional writers, follow the DMCA rules of publishing, try to write to a high standard in the English language but accommodate certain other languages in which we had some familiarity and most definitely use spell check!!

As we look back over the years the comments on some of the subjects we have written about have in some cases completely reversed in opinion.  Once most were critical of our stance on certain subjects, now they seem to reflect an understanding of the NAUTICAL LOG viewpoint while not necessarily fully agreeing with it - which of course was our intent - its called education.

We have had a long and varied career at sea and now ashore which put us in contact with many peoples from many countries, actually visiting those countries in our voyaging and also on holidays/vacations.  It is true what Winston Churchill said that Americans and British are two peoples divided by a common language, being a dual national citizen as he was NAUTICAL LOG finds it all too true.

So we arrived at our 75,000th. visitor today, if you are wondering it was according to Sitemeter®, the Defence Research Establishment, Ottawa, Canada where NAUTICAL LOG lived for several years and served in the Canadian Coastguard.  There we see Churchill's point Canada following mostly British spelling in English (one of its two national languages the other being french) spells "defence" with a "c" while down here in the USA it is spelt "defense" with an "s".  Vive la diffĂ©rence!!

Hope you continue to enjoy the Posts and comment when moved by the words!! As always

Good Watch

Please also remember the some 300 of our fellow seafarers held hostage by pirates off the coast of Puntland, Somalia.  Frankly it breaks my heart to know they face mutilation and death each day and nothing is being done to rescue them.

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