Friday, February 24, 2012


1.  This has been a busy week and NAUTICAL LOG has been rather quiet - sighs of relief all round!!  There have however been some events which are worth reporting on unlike the SSCS which is no longer worth reporting on as they are unable to accomplish anything in the Southern Ocean in defence of whales.

2.  The Italian divers searching, as weather allows, the wreck of the MS Costa Concordia found eight (8) more bodies this week which included the remains of the female child missing since the incident.  Fuel continues to be pumped off the vessel and a survey shows her caught at the bow and stern only.  There is a possibility the ship could crack between these points and or slip off into the deeper water near the cliff edge.

3.  There was a time when the sun never set on the British Empire and Britannia Ruled the Waves with her powerful navy.  Those days are long gone and now it seems the Royal Navy cannot even build her own ships anymore.  A recent announcement from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) states that DSME Korea has won the contract to build four (4) Royal Fleet Auxilary (RFA) supply vessels under the Military Afloat Reach and Sustainability (MARS) programme.  The RFA is similar to the USNS where the vessels are manned by civilians working for the USN.  NAUTICAL LOG has had that experience with USNS in his long and varied career as a Master.  Some design sketches of possible designs have appeared on the Internet and are reproduced below.

Good Watch.

Remaining as hostages of the Puntland, Somalia pirates are 300 of our fellow seafarers, still no rescue in sight for them.   But then seafarers being considered second class world citizens who would care about us?  However it seems Puntland is trying to deal with the pirates by forming the Puntland Maritime Police (PMP) - at least its a start!

Refuelling underway

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