Saturday, February 26, 2011


Lately there have been intemperate comments from several commenter's on all sides of the issues. As a result the NAUTICAL LOG Assessor has removed their content to indicate that they were not suitable for publication in this Blog. Also the comments should be about the subject matter of the Posts, NAUTICAL LOG while an activist Blog is not a forum for an interchange of opinions between individual commenter's. Indeed petulant remarks received after an Assessor's deletion confirm that the deletion was warranted in the first place.

For the record NAUTICAL LOG does not like whaling in and of itself, we hold the violent anti-whaling tactics of the SSCS in the greatest contempt, and we absolutely abhor racial remarks and terminology. Comments containing any such terminology show only the incredible ignorance of the writer and are now being immediately deleted. If you cannot discuss an issue logically and in an educated manner do not comment on the NAUTICAL LOG Posts because your opinion will not be published.

As to the other actions of the SSCS outside of anti-whaling they have by and large behaved in a more seamanlike manner. They have responded to distress calls of other vessels regardless of the cause of that call or its nature. Currently they are the only vessel with a helicopter available to increase the search range for the crew of SY Berserk with a total flight time of 21 flight hours logged to date. The RNZN was unable to launch an air search, which is disgraceful with an Antarctic patrol vessel, HMNZS Wellington (P55), on duty in the region. NAUTICAL LOG speaks from having experience as an icebreaker Watchofficer (photos above are an Arctic patrol) with a helicopter on board. This current response by SSCS should be recognised by all readers as being in the best tradition of the sea and one should therefore give credit when credit is due. As a very serious critic of SSCS NAUTICAL LOG is also capable of complimenting the good work when it is done, we would suggest that our readers do the same or at least refrain from sending intemperate comments which are not going to be published anyway.

As always the choice is yours - the publishing choice is ours!!

Good Watch.

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